Smartphones have taken over people's lives, dominating how they shop, order meals, book a cab, etc.

You must be aware of names like Amazon and Walmart that are predominantly responsible for transforming how people shop for their clothes, shoes, etc. This is why the eCommerce business has observed its popularity skyrocketing. It is another reason that similar ventures are observing their inception taking place.

If we go by numbers, the revenue-generation capability for the market is supposed to become $6.51 trillion by 2023. Hence, it has exceptionally lucrative prospects, which in turn goes on to cite that it is a good idea to embark on the journey to develop an eCommerce app, particularly a custom one.

Amazing Facts and Figures about eCommerce Business

  • Sales made online through eCommerce apps will become $6.51 trillion by 2023.
  • Online eCommerce businesses will observe their remaining in the top 5 categories of best online businesses until 2025.
  • Sales through the on-demand eCommerce app to become $728.28 billion in 2025.
  • eCommerce apps will observe market volume becoming $620.97 billion in 2024.
  • Annual growth in profits in the market to take place at a CAGR of 9.30% between 2023 to 2027.
  • The projected market volume will be $6.39 trillion by 2027.
  • The number of users to become 5263.6 million by 2027.

Benefits of Developing an App for eCommerce Business

When we talk about custom app development services in regard to the eCommerce business, there are different subdivisions for the same. This includes Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc. Here we will discuss the advantages related to performing Shopify app development for the eCommerce business.

Enhances Brand Visibility

When you build an eCommerce app, you provide your eCommerce business the medium to boost its visibility. This is because the medium goes on to act as a source for connecting the brand and customers which in the end assists in boosting the brand reach to a great extent.

Creates Personalized Shopping Experience

One of the basic wants of today’s tech-savvy customers is to receive a personalized experience while doing different activities like shopping for instance. This is where an eCommerce app acts as a source to accomplish this. Through the use of analytic tools within the app, it becomes easy to get a basic hold on the shoppers and the patterns they follow while shopping thereupon getting the desired support to accomplish this aspect.

Automates Business Processes and Boosts Efficiency

Different activities like order management, inventory management, etc get streamlined when you develop an eCommerce app. Alongside this, the creation of the solution helps to boost team efficiency, as a whole. This is due to the assistance the app provides the team in order management activities which in the end helps drive the level of profits to a great extent.

Assists Earning Customer Loyalty

Another major benefit related to the creation of these solutions is in helping build a sense of customer loyalty. This is due to the app acting as a medium for collecting different data- take, for instance, the purchase behavior, the items they shop the most, and so on. Based on these data thereafter it becomes easy for the business to offer something unique to shoppers and earn their loyalty.

Reduces Business Costs

Costs related to buying and renting a space, followed by activities such as hiring, electricity, etc also observe a gradual decrease when you create these solutions. This is due to the support that the app provides in managing orders, processing them, and so on. In short, the creation of a good warehouse where the eCommerce business keeps its finished products is all it takes. The other aspects are made possible by the app itself.

Eases Data Gathering & Tracking Activities

It becomes easy to gather and track data when you take part in custom app development services for your eCommerce business. This is due to activities like monitoring user interaction becoming easy to check through the platform, followed by making activities like observing the way users interact with different content and features streamlined as well. This in turn goes a great mile in providing the best-in-line services to end-users.

Moving On

From the above points, you have gauged the advantages related to the prospect of performing custom app development services for your eCommerce business, particularly Shopify app development. It is now crucial that you have awareness of the steps whose strict adherence will help you to create an eCommerce app that drives value for you in the long run.

How to Build an eCommerce App?

Keep these pointers in mind when you embark on the journey to perform eCommerce app development.

  • Define goals, study your market carefully, and have an idea about your target audience well in advance to know your app’s basic appearance, it's functioning, and so on.
  • Ideate an app design strategy that is user-friendly and intuitive to boost user engagement and drive value.
  • Select visual elements that can facilitate user engagement at the greatest pace. This includes fonts, placing focus on colors, and most important, maintaining consistency. All these aspects in check will allow delivering a positive customer experience.
  • Integrate a payment gateway to secure the way your users pay for the items they shop on your eCommerce app.
  • Outsource eCommerce app development services to a company that especially is apt in Shopify app development to ensure the end-solution has a great level of security in it which in the long run keeps trust intact for your users when they use your platform.

Ready for Digital Plunge for Your eCommerce Business?

eCommerce apps are known for the support they provide the customers in easing the way they make online purchases followed by supporting the business in automating processes like order and inventory management, to name a few. Hence, the digital plunge is necessary once research on the market is done. However, it is also very vital to place focus on the cost area.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an eCommerce App?

There are a wide array of areas that come into play when it comes to determining the cost to develop an eCommerce app.

  • App design
  • Features and Functionality
  • App complexity
  • Location of the eCommerce app development company

However, if we have to give a rough estimate, the total cost to develop an eCommerce app will be $20,000 to $70,000. And, in some cases, the cost may go up if you want to include advanced features and functionalities.

Wrapping Up

The eCommerce apps have revolutionized the overall shopping experience for customers. It has also gone the extra mile in supporting eCommerce businesses in automating different activities from order management to inventory management. Therefore, it is a necessity to take advantage if not done yet. So, if you are on the pry to get the digital edge for your eCommerce business, get the edge now. Connect with a company specializing in custom eCommerce app development services. Stay ahead of the competition to give your business the competitive edge, and start earning more customers and returns.